BlueTech Cluster Alliance


BTCA Mission: “promote sustainable investment & growth of the knowledge-based ocean and water industries, to the mutual benefit of all parties, through active regional, national and international collaboration.”

The BlueTech Cluster Alliance (BTCA) is a global network of industry-led BlueTech clusters that are committed to collaboration, developing joint-projects, promoting each other's member companies, and sharing information.

4th annual BlueTech Cluster meeting (Nov. 5, 2018) during the 10th annual BlueTech Week in San Diego

4th annual BlueTech Cluster meeting (Nov. 5, 2018) during the 10th annual BlueTech Week in San Diego

Capacity Building

BTCA is committed to helping regions in developing nations and small-island developing states to develop Blue Economy clusters that promote economic and environmental self-sufficiency and sustainability.  We collectively contribute to a regional, national and international Blue Voice to align the interests of academia, industry and government.


BTCA connects regularly at international conferences and trade shows to chart our course, assess progress and find ways to work together for the benefit of our member companies.  We believe clusters who meet regularly are more likely to work together and find collaborative opportunities.


BTCA believes that regional industry clusters collaborating together can achieve the extraordinary.  The planet is faced with ever-increasing challenges related to economy, environment and sustainability.  We are committed to collaborating internationally, thinking globally and acting locally to promote sustainable, science-based ocean and water industries.


Several BTCA clusters act as virtual incubators or have a physical accelerator or incubator.  All BTCA clusters are interested in promoting innovation and supporting small to medium sized companies, and we strive to regularly link our SME members and incubator companies to find international opportunities.


BTCA is committed to developing the Blue Economy Workforce of Tomorrow.  BTCA clusters work independently in regions and collectively on an international scale to align industry and education to meet the needs of emerging markets in the Blue Economy. We work efficiently to share best practices and create models that can be replicated.


BTCA is an international network of BlueTech clusters that are committed to sharing and working together.  Be it through B2B networking via conference calls or trade missions, or promoting international collaboration, we are here to help.  It might take a company several years to find the right partner, whereas BTCA breaks down those barriers via our cluster-to-cluster network.


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together
— African proverb


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